Enjoy a variety of Emily’s entres

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Fresh Catch – Daily Seafood Special Depending Upon Availability  Market Price
Baked Grouper – Fresh grouper, Baked with a Green & Red Pepper Tomato Sauce $22.00
Seafood Platter – Flounder, Crab Cake, Shrimp, Scvallops, Calamari, & Oysters $28.00
Seafood Combo – Choice of Two: Flounder, Scallops, Shrimp, Oysters, Crab Cakes or Calamari $22.00 (add $6.00 foe Additional Choice)
Shrimp Scampi – Local Shrimp Served In A Traditional Butter And Garlic Sauce $20.00
Soft Shell Crabs – Whalers, Fried in Seasoned Flour – A Local Favorite  Market Price
Crab Cake Dinner – Emily’s Special Recipe, Served Over Remoulade Sauce $20.00
Crab Combo – Fried Soft Shell Crab and Crab Cake $22.00
Bronzed Tuna – Sashimi Grade Yellow Fin Tuna, Lightly Blackened, Briefly Seared on Both Sides Unless
Otherwise Requested, Served over Emily’s Fish Sauce $22.00
Grilled Salmon – Atlantic Salmon Filet Grilled and Served with Emily’s Fish Sauce $22.00
Shrimp and Scallops Curry – Sea Scallops and Shrimp Curried and Served over Long Grain Rice $21.00
Shrimp and Grits – Not Your Typical Shrimp and Grits, A Little On The Spicy Side
Winner of the 2006 Shrimp Festival (Best Dish, Best Restaurant) $18.00
Smurf & Turf – Emily’s 8oz Filet Served with Your Choice of Seafood: Flounder, Crab Cake, Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, or Oysters $28.00 (Add $6.00 for Additional Seafood Choice)

Tournedos – Beef Filet, Seared In Butter, Broiled to Temperature, Served With Bearnaise Sauce$28.00 … 12oz  $23.00 … 8oz
Steak Au Poivre – Beef Filet, Seared in Butter, Broiled to Temperature, Served with Green Peppercorn, Cream, & Cognac Reduction  $28.00 … 12oz  $23.00 … 8oz
Beef Teriyaki – Beef Filet, Grilled And Baked In A Delicious Teriyaki Sauce $28.00
Beef Tartar – Uncooked Beef Filet, Shaved, Served With Egg Yolk, Capers, Onions, Cornichons And Pickled Beets $23.00 … 8oz
Grilled Rib Eye – A Perfect Cut, Grilled To Perfection $23.00
Blackened Rib Eye w/Bleu Cheese Crumbles – Seasoned With Cajun Spices And Cooked To Perfection $25.00
Black and White – Layered – Beef Filet And Sliced Pork Served With Bearnaise Sauce (Two Cooking Temperatures Required) $22.00
Rack Of Lamb – A Full Frenched Rack Grilled And Served With A Smooth Mint Sauce $30.00
Wienerschnitzel – Breaded Veal, Sauteed Slowly In Butter, Garnished With Lemon, Anchovies And Capers $22.00
Veal Piccata – Tenderized Veal Sauteed in Butter, Served on a White Wine, Lemon Juice & Capers Reduction $22.00
Lemon Chicken Marsala – Tenderized Chicken Breasts Sauteed in Butter, Served with a Lemon Juice & Marsala  Reduction $16.00
Canard al’ Orange  – Slow Cooked Half Duck, Finished In The Broiler And Served With A Delicate Orange Sauce         $24.00

Chef’s Choice Pasta  – Penne, Bow Tie, Angel Hair? Cream Sauce, Seafood, Meat Sauce? We Don’t Know
Until The chef Tells Us. Always A Delectable Dish $20.00